Welcome To The Savanna Veterans Memorial Donations Page!

Individual Paver Bricks to Honor Family Veterans:

Donations made to the Savanna Illinois Veterans Memorial Project are tax deductible. We are under the Van Bibber - Hansen Post 148, Savanna Illinois Department of Illinois of the American Legion. The American Legion is tax-exempt under Section 501 (c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended. Every post needs to obtain an Employer Identification Number from the government to be listed as a tax-exempt charter of the Legion. Our Not For Profit EIN is: 36-2100674.

Have Paver Questions? Maybe these will help you...

Q. Who can a Paver Brick be ordered for?
A. Any person that served in any branch of the armed forces including the Merchant Marines.

Q. Does the veteran need to be a resident of Savanna?
A. No, any veteran that ever lived in this area or was stationed at the Savanna Army Depot can have a paver brick.

Q. Is there a deadline that I have to purchase by a certain date?
A. No, the Committee will be selling Paver Bricks in the future even after the Monument is completed as there will be future costs as Flags and maintenance costs in the future. We have plenty of space for paver bricks.

Q. How can I get military records of my grandfather, father or other family veteran so we know his rank or other information to put on a paver?

If you are in Carroll County or your loved one was from Carroll County, you can contact the Carroll County Veterans Assistance Commission to get you a copy of the records at:

301 N. Main Street
Mount Carroll, Illinois 61053-1044
Located in Northwest Corner of the Court House under the metal stairs.
They are open, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1PM to 5PM.
Phone: (815) 244-0226
FAX: (815) 244-6295
EMAIL: office@cc-vac.org

You can also request military records from the military records archives at this website:


Purchase a brick paver and help support the Savanna Veterans Memorial. With your purchase, your contribution will provide not only dollars, but also show community support for the construction of the Savanna Veterans Memorial. The bricks are engraved granite and will cost a $175 donation each and will recognize Veterans for their military service. The size of the paver brick is 12” x 6” x 4”.

Remember a loved Veteran who served for our country. To see two examples of how to fill in the Paver Form that is linked in this paragraph as well as below, click here to view a PDF file with the examples.You will need to complete the form which you can download and fill out to send to us by clicking here to download the form or clicking the link under the photo of a paver brick below. Enclose the completed form and a check for your donation of $175.00, payable to Savanna Illinois Veterans Memorial Project and Mail To:

Savanna Veterans Memorial Project
PO Box 72
Savanna, IL 61074-0072

Example Paver Brick:

Example Paver Brick

You can download the form by clicking here.  

The form is a fill in the blanks form and you need Adobe Acrobat to be able to fill in the blanks and then print it out. If you have a problem we have the forms available at the Savanna VFW and they can be picked up any Thursday, Friday or Saturday from Noon to 7PM.

Corporate Sponsor Donations:

We have four levels of Corporate Sponsors that in addition to donating will have their names engraved on the back of the main monument at the entrance of our memorial denoting their level of sponsorship. 

The Levels and donation amounts are as follows are:
Bronze Level $1,000 - $2,499
Silver Level $2,500 - $4,999
Gold Level $5,000 -$7,499
Diamond Level $7,500 - $9,999
Platinum Level $10,000 and above

Please Click Here for the Corporate Sponsor Donations Letter.

Please contact us so we can set up a publicity event to record your corporate donation. 

Below is the Stockton Illinois Appreciated Donors Wall which we are using as our model.

Stockton Honored Donors Monument

Benches to Honor Veterans:

A number of benches will be available to be placed in the Monument park and they are custom designed so please call us if you would like to make a donation to purchase a custom bench for your veteran. 

The Bench Prices Are:
A $2,000.00 donation for a bench which includes text (such as veteran's name) on the front edge like the "In Loving Memory" seen below. The laser engraving ranges from $300.00 to $500.00 depending on how extensive it is as you can see in the example below.

Below is a bench in Stockton Illinois to show you what the benches look like to honor your veteran.

Bench in Stockton Illinois honoring a veteran.

All Other Donations:

All other donations please send a check along with your name and address, payable to Savanna Illinois Veterans Memorial Project and Mail To:

Savanna Veterans Memorial Project
PO Box 72
Savanna, IL 61074-0072