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The first three pallets of the pavers we ordered arrived on December 1st, 2018 and the photo shows Ryan Miller unloading and placing them in storage ready for construction of the memorial in the spring of 2019.

Receiving the first batch of Pavers we ordered.

Savanna Veterans Memorial Fundraiser

Thank the citizens of Savanna and their friends and families who donated to and came out and attended the Savanna Veterans Memorial Fundraiser at Manny’s Pizza on November 9th. A very special thank you for everyone that donated items for the auction as well as the silent auction. I was so worried that with the very cold freezing weather that there would have been a poor turnout but thanks to all that turned out, we filled the banquet hall! I am very appreciative of the work by the members of our committee that went out seeking raffle items and came through with a great selection of items to get everyone in attendance to dig deep and help us move towards our goal of creating a beautiful Veterans Memorial for Savanna. We do have one item that was not picked up that we could not call as we could not read the phone number. Her name is Kayla S. and her ticket was drawn for one of the beautiful gift baskets. If you know anyone named Kayla (last initial S), please have her call 815-273-3077 and contact me so we can get her prize to her. I didn’t use any names except the missing winner as I did not want to leave anyone out, but am very appreciative for everyone that helped us to make our evening a success. I know, you are all anxious to know how well it went. After expenses, our total raised from the night at Manny’s and the 50/50 was $11,000. All I can say is THANK YOU ALL, such beautiful supporters of our Veterans Memorial Project!

Paul Mayer, Finance Officer for the Savanna Veterans Memorial

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These three photos were taken on September 28, 2018 While Burkholder's crew were putting the caps on the South Wall and continuing work on the West Wall.

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These three photos were taken on September 20, 2018 after Miller Excavating finished filling in and grading a parking lot behind the Veterans Memorial site. You can see the size of the parking lot and grass was also planted on the sides of the new "hill".

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These three photos were taken on September 12, 2018 while Miller Excavating was grading the surface crushed rock to a slight grade to the back for runoff. This is in preparation to the concrete work. We are leaving the North retaining wall open until the work by heavy equipment is done.

Grading the Surface

This photo was taken on September 4, 2018 and shows the progress of the retaining wall for the monument. Our sign in front of the site was moved out of the way of the construction and along with a beautiful sky and the bridge in the background made for a perfect photograph.

Photo of retaining wall progress.

Our Retaining Wall Progress is moving really quick since it was started yesterday. These three photos were taken today, August 30, 2018 and you can see it is actually looking like a wall now. The two top photos are working on the South wall and the bottom photo is from the West looking towards the street.

Retaining Wall Progress 8-30-2018

The two photos below show the laying of the first row of the retaining wall taken on August 29, 2018. This is the South Wall looking towards the river. The second photo is looking towards the street.

Building the Retaining Wall


Building the Retaining Wall

The photo below shows the delivery of the first blocks for the retaining wall being taken on August 21, 2018. We are excited to see this wall built so we can continue with the concrete work next.

Retaing Wall Blocks Being Delivered

Savanna VFW Supports Memorial - On April 19, 2018 Michael Raleigh, left, commander of the Savanna VFW Post 2223, presents a check for $10,000.00 to Todd Swanson, chairman of the Savanna Veterans Memorial Committee. The check presentation was made at the future location of the Veterans Memorial, where raising and leveling off the ground was in progress.

VFW 2223 Donates $10,000

In the last weeks of March the grounds were cleared off removing all of the tree stumps and brush as well as the top soil in preparation to have fill brought in to level off the Veterans Memorial Site. Thanks to Ron Miller and his crew from Miller Excavating! It’s amazing what the right tools for the job can accomplish. These are several photos taken during that time.

Preparing for Land Fill

On December 12, 2017, we went out to Metform to receive a donation for the Veterans Memorial. In the photo below is Todd Swanson, Dan Cavanagh of Metform and Paul Mayer receiving the check.

Donation Received at Metform

On November 2, 2017, we erected our new sign announcing the location of the Savanna Veterans Memorial site. Pictured are Paul Mayer and Bob Grissinger after installing the new sign. Also present and taking the photo was Todd Swanson.

Home of the Savanna Veterans Memorial

The Savanna Veterans Memorial Committee was formed by a group of local citizens with members from the American Legion Post 148 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2223 and prominent citizens. The project started in May of 2016 and below is an image of the proposed main design of the memorial.

Drawing of the Savanna Monument

The image below is a close up of the granite monuments from the above view. As you can see this memorial is to honor all veterans, past, present and future. Our decision was to honor all services, Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and the Merchant Marines.

View of the granite monuments.